PetroBot Sludge Removal Robotic Rover can perform the task of automated sludge removal from the tank without manual intervention.

Some of the key features of the robotic tool are as follows:

  • 100% hydraulically operated, submersible Remotely Operated Vehicle.
  • Fitted with sludge removal pump which can remove highly viscous sludge.
  • Suitable for ATEX Zone 0 area
  • Can enter inside the tank through 20" Manhole
  • Can be controlled from a safe distance away from tank
  • No manual manpower entry is required
  • It avoids the confined space & hazardous gas incidents

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We do the inspections according to industry standards, e.g. API-653, OISD-129, and use intrinsically safe equipment where required. Besides, our tank inspections are fast and cost-effective and require zero downtime or disruption to your business operations.

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