How PetroBot
inspects Work?

Our In-services Tank Inspection Services (ITIS) is a well-recognized and trusted method throughout the industry. Tank owner company can significantly reduce the costs of performing API 653 / OISD 129 inspections by not having to remove their tanks from service, and by being able to plan out-of-service periods.

Our robotic system is efficient & cost-effective and inspects asset in the folowing way:



Tell Us What Kind of Tank/Vessel You Want to get Inspected

ITIS Inspection starts with the process of collecting and analysing asset drawing, previous inspection report etc for planning and localization of particular interest point on/in Asset for inspection.



A Site Visit based on the Analysis*

If we have some doubts regarding site, we will have site visit for better understanding. Such site visit helps us plan the deployment of inspection tool in planned and controlled manner.
*optional process



Deployment of Robotic Inspection OnSite

After analysing the asset, we deploy our inspection tool on site to inspect the asset. This take few days at max depending on the size and type of inspection asset owner opted for. Robotic inspection are literaly fast compared on manual inspection.
😅 Not including gate pass & work permit delays



Inspection Report and Analysis

Inspection Report are available after sometime (depends on the amount of coverage done, no of asset inspected). And we are quite sure that our inspection report make sense unlike other's report.
😉 Inspection Report that explains itself - PetroBot Visualize coming soon.....

Most importantly, this eliminates risks!

Manual Inspections involves a human presence and requires assets to be shutdown or needs scaffolding during inspection. Asset must be processed properly before inspection, all of which incur significant costs for owners as well as becomes risky both for human and environment.
By using our solutions, the inspection takes significantly less time, it is safer, and it is more cost-effective & it is greener as no hazardous waste are generated.

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