MagRover for Shell & Roof is our first robot from MagRover Lineup which is capable of inspecting asset's external shell and roof. Eliminates the need of setting up costly scaffolding and provides huge amount of data using UT Scanning to take better decision compared to sparse & inconclusive UT spot reading.

Key Features of MagRover for Shell & Roof :

  • Fitted with custom engineered magnetic wheels for better adhesion to asset shell.
  • Can be steered on the asset's shell in case of obstruction like wind girder etc.
  • ATEX complied for use in hazardous area.
  • Can inspect the Asset of any Diameter and Height.
  • Can be controlled from a safe distance away from asset.
  • No scaffolding is required for UT inspection.
  • Can take UT spot thickness as well as UT scanning.

Why MagRover for Shell & Roof over other alternatives?

Faster, Better Coverage

PetroBot MagRover have the capability to take upto 100 Thickness Reading per sec (robot speed upto 20mm/sec). MagRover is highly customizable and carry upto 8 UT Probe.
(Couplant: Portable Water)

Safe to Inspect

PetroBot MagRover ensures safety by eliminating need of human presence over high height(upto 20 meters) on scaffolding around the asset. MagRover follows strict specifications made by petroleum organizations and is ATEX complaint making it safe on Critical Area.

Price Correctly

PetroBot MagRover is quite afforable compared to other inspection tool present in the industry. Thus, makes it easier for an owner to select MagRover with much better coverage and customization according to needs.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

PetroBot MagRover eliminates the high cost of scaffolding setup and manual inspectors inspecting a asset for few days .

More Data
Better Decision

PetroBot MagRover collects huge amount of data at faster pace (speed upto 20mm/sec). This helps the owner to know the condition of the asset better than the usual way.

Easy to Deploy

PetroBot MagRover is quite portable and requires minimal support systems for launch and recovery compared to manual scaffolding inspection setup.

Ready to get started?

We do the inspections according to industry standards, e.g. API-653, OISD-129, and use intrinsically safe equipment where required. Besides, our tank inspections are fast and cost-effective and require zero downtime or disruption to your business operations.

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