Tanks are planned and made in various varieties for the storage of the scope of items. We can assess capacity tanks containing high and low flashpoint items, for example, lube oil, silicone, glycol, water, CH3)2CO, benzene, naphtha, methanol, stream fuel, gas among others. But over time, these tank start to corrode!
So these tanks need to be inspected at regular intervals. Currently, the traditional method needs draining, cleaning, degasification, and ventilation-all of which incur significant costs for owners as well as becomes risky both for human and the environment.
We have developed the In-services Tank Inspection Services robotic inspection system called ITIS Rover which can inspect bottom plates of operational chemical filed without any downtime!

Why ITIS Rover over Manual Inspection?

Save Owners Time

PetroBot ITIS takes less time to complete inspection as compared to manual inspection. This helps the owner to know the condition of the tank faster than the usual way.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

PetroBot ITIS eliminates the high cost of tank shutdown time and the need for temporary storage using MARK-1 which works in an operational tank.

Environment friendly

PetroBot ITIS minimizes hazardous waste disposal costs. It also reduces environmental risks such as oil spills and VOC release.

Easy to Deploy

PetroBot ITIS is quite portable and requires minimal support systems for launch and recovery compared to manual inspection. This avoids disruptions in plant operations, keeping revenue constant.

Safe to Inspect

PetroBot ITIS ensures safety by eliminating confined space human entry and exposure to hazardous chemicals and gases. MARK-1 follows strict specifications made by petroleum organizations and is ATEX complaint making it safe in tanks too.

Price Correctly

PetroBot ITIS is cost-economical than Manual Inspection techniques present in the industry. Thus, makes it easier for an owner to take care of their tank using frequent ITIS inspection instead of yearlong waiting.

Ready to get started?

We do the inspections according to industry standards, e.g. API-653, OISD-129, and use intrinsically safe equipment where required. Besides, our tank inspections are fast and cost-effective and require zero downtime or disruption to your business operations.

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